Engaging with Muslims in Europe

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Anul publicării: 1989
Editura Eminescu

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In Europe one finds Christian communities and Muslim communities living in close proximity to each other. Muslims and Christians pass each other in the streets, stand next to each other waiting for the bus or metro, live next to one another in streets, share apartment buildings with each other, study in the same universities, have their lunches in the same business canteens, shop in the same shopping centres. Nevertheless, they are essentially strangers to each other. Only a small minority of Churches and Christians in Europe are engaged with Muslims through meaningful and loving relationships which provide opportunities to witness to them about the truth of God. The European Ministry to Muslims Network of the European Leadership Forum seeks to equip the Church in Europe to relate to Muslims with a compassionate heart, an informed mind, an involved hand and a witnessing tongue. In this book members of the network and others write about their engagement with Muslims in Europe.

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